Sunday, February 25, 2007

P Niki!

All in white and ready to hifihifly at the uslu airlines penthouse: Niki Pauls, cocreateuse, spin mastress and take carousse of The Broken Hearts Club. Dress by An Demeulemeester. Heels vintage.

Meeting local celebs at Wood Wood

Thanks to Blond Magazine, Jon of WoodWood and Thomas Schweigert, we can all preview new celebs on EVE months before the shots appear in print. Connections count. (from left to right: Fetisch, EVE, Princess Superstar and shooting star Thomas. All at WoodWood Berlin, ROCHSTRASSE 4. Photo by Jon.)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Meeting MNO in FFM

Markus Nikolai sports Optics, bends frames, mounts glasses, cleans lenses, makes music, wears facial hair, cools suits and likes BOB. We suspect that he has even more on the plate (asifthatwasnotenoughalready), but can't comment 'cause we know the guy only since the weekend... When you are in Frankfurt, check out his shop on Brönnerstrasse 21. When you are online, listen to his tunes at Anzug von ABACI (zufällig).

'S' refused to be shot and we thought we didn't. But you might be able to spot her. If your vision is 20/20 or better, that is.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Christina Kruse takes EVE en route to HH

Christina is less often in the Meat Packing District these days and more so in the homeland. We like that. While in Berlin, she took BOB onto her nose and EVE straight into her luggage, of course. But Christina's main reason for being close, we happily and proudly admit, was another girl (Carola Born, her curator) or -to be exakt- many girls, whose (self-)portraits we will all see at Hamburg's Robert Morat Gallery from 03/17 to 05/10/2007.

"Kruse's work ponders many of the abiding big themes of art through the ages. In her exploration of the grand tradition of artists' self-portraits, she brings by turns dark honesty, wry humor, a poignant sense of moment and an absurdist's delight in parody. She ironizes and caricaturizes female stereotypes, creates new figures and deals with the basic question of perception and self-perception." Don't ask, we not know what mean... but Kruse's pics are fab!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Art is the alibi*

(*copyright© 2007 by Rikki Kasso. Thanks.)

In their spare time in Milano, EVE and BOB visit the Politi Residence to meet Gea and her mom Helena, editor and publisher of Flash Art International. The boy is Maciej. The 2 blondes are Marilyn and Angela.

Sculptures on the background: both works by Anna Galtarossa, 2006

painting with dots (quoting Gea after I tried to brag with loaned art knowledge -curtesy of Rüdiger- and credited the work to Bernard Frize): "MY GOD JAN, that's DAMIEN HIRST!!! The most famous artist of our century AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!
nevermind nevermind...I understand that you must know everything else but damien...

anyways, painting with dots: Damien Hirst, Amyclutisade, 1993, household gloss on canvas, 127x108cm

Not for sale in Milano

Our very own Marta at Dieci Corso Como sports EVE and BOB. But only in her office and not (yet) on the sales floor. Latin lovers of the cute couple will have to take off to Stefano Saccani/Parma...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Oskar Leo wears wild in front his creation.

EVE and BOB im Hotel Post in Bezau

At our favourite mountain retreat, just a quick 5 hours drive (see Überholspur) from Berlin, we all had a great Silvester and so on. EVE met Susie (the boss) and Jan joined in with BOB and Charlie. Also quick to be friends with the 2 aviators (but not so kickin' after an obvious snowboard accident poor P had on the almost snowless slopes of Melau) were Patsy and her godson.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gabriel meets BOB and EVE in New York

When we planned this project, one thing was clear as a sunglass to us from the beginning: great stills must be shot. So Gabriel must be the shooter.
While the boys and girls at MYKITA would not know what hit them until now, we were very aware. 5 years of fruitful collab and counting: almost every pic you see on was taken by our New York angel. Please see more at

EVE spends time with Manon at Goldeneye

Even on Jamaica in Ian Fleming's former hang out, now run by Chris
Blackwell (who also scouted, among Goldeneye and other things, Bob Marley and U2), it takes prime ingredients and tasty handling to cook up a full-force Bond-girl. Nothing new to you? I guessed it. So here you go:
- jewelry by
- bikini by mara hoffmann
- tan clip by (not in picture)
- body by nature
Prepared and served around Christmas (2006 that was, duh!) for all you kids who were good (only). Enjoy your meal.

See more of Manon at our blog Überholspur.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

EVE and BOB seem a bit Danish to me now

Nanna Flachs - 14.12.2006 - 10:29 Make up-artisten Feride Uslu er på banen igen. Denne gang har hun sammen med den berlinske brille shop MYKITA re-designet en limited edition af den gode gamle aviator solbrille. Solbrillen er produceret i to modeller - en til damer og en til herrer, med navnene Eve og Bob. Brillerne blev lanceret i Colette i oktober, men er nu ankommet til København, hvor de kan købes hos Henrik Vibskov, Krystalgade 6 for 2250 kr. Du kan se billeder fra launchen i Colette på Eve og Bobs blog.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

In black and white on milk and honey

Hitomi wears her hat like a cat and wow is that kitten gurring... EVE pictures by Rikki Kasso/Tokyo

EVE in Tokyo with Hiyashi from Dune Magazine

Hiyashi, what is it you want to tell us?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On Mako in Shibuya

Long awaited, another view on EVE by Rikki Kasso. Starring Mako. Butters. See more of Rikki's work at